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Out of the 100 years since Afghanistan became a sovereign and independent state, four decades have been heavily shaped by political conflict, crises and war. Endemic internal strife and insurgencies have left a heavy toll on the Afghan society and all dimensions of development throughout the country, displacing hundreds of thousands within and beyond the borders of Afghanistan. In 2001, a blueprint for a democratic and inclusive political system had been established after the collapse of the Taliban regime. An yet, Afghan citizens are waiting ever since for a sustainable and durable cessation of violence and an inclusive path to political stability and peace. FES works with Afghan, regional and international political stakeholders, academics, civil society and media activists to increase knowledge and understanding of local conflict dynamics and their causes. Through workshops, seminars and Track-2 formats, FES promotes inclusive dialogue between Afghanistan and its neighbors, to find common narratives, to reduce tensions and mistrust, and to develop joint responses to the multitude of common security challenges in the region.

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21.12.2021 | Regional Cooperation, Peace and Security | Publication, News

A new FES Report sheds light on current drivers of migration from Afghanistan, analyses challenges and adaptation strategies in neighboring and…


17.12.2021 | Regional Cooperation, Peace and Security | Event, Publication, News

Afghanistan's international relations are fundamentally changing in 2021, but how?



Revival of a favourable Afghanistan?

Rizwan, Alamuddin; Taieb, Rajab; Jami, Maryam

Revival of a favourable Afghanistan?

Security relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan beyond 2021
Kabul, 2022

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Migration from Afghanistan under the Taliban

Augustová, Karolína; Hakimi, Hameed

Migration from Afghanistan under the Taliban

Implications and strategies in the neighbourhood and Europe
Kabul, 2021

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