New publication: Taliban’s ideological and policy positions on social justice

The Taliban's shift from insurgents to power holders changed socio-economic realities. A new report explores their understanding of social realities and justice.

Bahiss, Ibraheem

An assessment of the Talibanʿs ideological and policy positions on social justice and labour laws

Kabul, 2021

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About the report

Drawing on interviews mainly with local Taliban and civilians living in Taliban-controlled areas, this report looks at Taliban views and practices in relation to key labour norms, specifically considering Afghanistan’s obligations under international labour laws. Although fieldwork was carried out just before the Taliban’s takeover of the country, its findings have acquired special significance as the group has become the country’s de facto authority.

About the author

Ibraheem Bahiss is an independent analyst and consultant on Afghanistan. He assesses peace and conflict developments in Afghanistan through open-source research, interviews, trend analysis, and program documentation. His reporting synthesises field-based insights with qualitative analysis. He holds bachelor’s degrees in law and political science along with a master’s degree in law from the University of Waikato. Ibraheem’s work has been published by various international media and research organisations.

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