Reaching out for Peace به ‌سوی صلح، د سولې په لور

A new cross-provincial effort by FES and partners aims at contributing to inter-communal dialogue on peace

In cooperation with the Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization (APPRO) and Mediothek Afghanistan, FES has started  to organize reoccurring sub-national peace forums in several regional nodes as well as one national forum for peace in Kabul.

The Project "Reaching out for Peace" will engage Afghans “where they are” to identify local and provincial impediments to peace in open dialogues on community-based conflict resolution and transformation. Consistent with experiences of Track 2 and Track 3 in other contexts, events under this project at the sub-national and national levels will create spaces and opportunities for multiple stakeholders to share experiences of conflict and search for a vision of sustainable peace in their immediate communities as well as at the national level. The outcomes of this project will reflect the ideas and perspectives of citizens at the sub-national and national levels regarding the needs for an inclusive and comprehensive peace process and the long-term stability needs in Afghanistan.

By #ReachingOutForPeace, we want to 

  • Establish platforms on the provincial level helping Afghan communities to engage and discuss local conflicts, grievances, and impediments to a sustainable peace, both on the ground and virtually.
  • Establish exchange between different provincial platforms through direct engagement, media, policy briefs and videography.
  • Strengthen civil society exchange on peace-related issues between Kabul and the provinces.
  • Engage the wider Afghan public into discussions about local conditions of peace, priorities and preferences, generate ideas for additions to the national agenda for peace beyond a ceasefire and in order to shape the new constitutional reality of a post-peace agreement Afghanistan.
  • Identifying and amplifying new perspectives on comprehensive peace and the long-term stability, both on the local and national level.
  • Analyze local impediments for peace and make findings accessible to national and international stakeholders together with specific policy recommendations on all three levels.



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