New Report: Migration from Afghanistan under the Taliban: Implications and strategies in the neighbourhood and Europe

A new FES Report sheds light on current drivers of migration from Afghanistan, analyses challenges and adaptation strategies in neighboring and transit countries and provides recommendations for the EU and other key stakeholders.

About the authors

Dr Karolína Augustová has been a 2020/21 Mercator Fellow at the Istanbul Policy Centre (Turkey) and currently holds an ESRC postdoctoral fellowship at Aston University (U.K.). Her research examines the EU’s externalisation politics, migration, border violence, and human smuggling. She conducted her research and worked in Serbia, BosniaHerzegovina, Turkey, and Lebanon. Karolína’s work is at the nexus of sociology and international relations and uses qualitative research methods in refugee transit camps and border zones. Twitter: @augustovak

Hameed Hakimi is an Associate Fellow at Chatham House. His research focuses, among others, on Afghanistan, migration and displacement, Muslims and refugees in Europe, and regional connectivity between Central Asia and South Asia. He is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Sociology and a member of Magdalene College, University of Cambridge. His doctoral research combines interdisciplinary approaches to reconceptualize security with a focus on migrants’ experiences of integration and securitization policies in Europe. Twitter: @hameedhakimi

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