Kabul Peace Forum - Let's resolve it peacefully!

Mastooraat and FES jointly launch the Kabul Peace Forum

2021 will be critical year for Afghanistan's future - so it's high time to bring the future of Afghanistan to the table!

The Kabul Peace Forum (KPF), launched earlier this year by Mastooraat and FES Kabul, is a cross-generational effort to enable open conversations on shared experiences of war and conflict, pathways towards an inclusive peace, and to generate a wider public support for reconciliation. KPF aims at providing the space for particularly young civil society activists, academics, media workers and public servants to regularly exchange their views on current political affairs and provide ideas and recommendations for the way forward.

Session one: Victim-centered Peace and Transitional Justice - March 4th, 2021

On March 4th, Mastooraat in collaboration with FES organized the first series of Kabul Peace Forum with a
thematic focus “Victim-centered Peace and Transitional Justice”. The forum raised the concerns, fears and
demands of war victims over the Afghan peace process while discussing the implications of transitional
justice. As one of the main objectives of this project – to create a meaningful dialogue among Afghans to talk
about topics which affect them and their future, particularly peace and reconciliation – the first series of
Kabul Peace Forum provided the platform for war victims and Afghans coming from different walks of life to
talk and listen. The followings were discussed in the first series of Kabul Peace Forum:

Fears and Concerns:

  • The ordinary Afghans have paid the ultimate sacrifice over the decades of war and conflict. If the war victims are left out of any peace agreement, that won’t be a durable peace.
  • Transitional justice is important and all sides in the current conflict should commit to the application of transitional justice – not only as a compensation to the families of war victims but also to keep and restore people’s trust on the government and judiciary system. Ignoring the transitional justice processes where the crimes of the past and their consequences are addressed, even with a peace deal on the paper won’t bring Afghans the peace they want.

Demands/Expectations and Recommendations:

  • The government and international community should ensure creating a committee for war victims who could communicate with the majority if not all of the war victims across Afghanistan. The committee should bridge the war victims with the Afghanistan negotiation delegation in Doha to ensure the voices of war victims are heard. A real and meaningful representation of war victims on the peace talks table is what Afghans, in particular, the families of war victims demand.
  • An immediate ceasefire between the parties in conflict as gesture of respect to both the peace talks and the long-awaited dream of Afghans, peace. The ongoing conflict makes the implementation of transitional justice even harder. The current violence should stop and the warring parties should solve their problems on the negotiation table. The international community should pressure the Taliban group to agree to a comprehensive ceasefire.

Impressions from KPF 1: “Victim-centered Peace and Transitional Justice”.



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